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2 months ago

Tracey Collis

To Whom it may concern - please i am desperate for this to reach John Fentener van Vlissingen to see if he can help - i am sorry for intrusion as i am a really nice person but really don't know where to go so sending to any links i can in the hope of a positive reply

I am at a loss for words the amount of fraud and scams listed against one of your companies BUDGETAIR.

I only wish I had known before I booked, and hope they are not true

My partner and I are travelling from Cape Town, South Africa to UK for my neice's wedding on Saturday 25th and returning 17th July.

This is what we booked a month ago and checked the dates several times before paying.

We only printed e-ticket today and to our horror saw RETURN flight as 17th June.

We immediately phoned the number given on ticket which was +27 875 502 128.

The woman who answered was rude, evasive and said we must pay a penalty of over R13 000 each.

We have also sent numerous, desperate emails with no reply.

Our trip is already way expensive with the bad SA to Euro exchange rate and as a result we have been in tears all day.

We cannot afford to fall victim to this and after researching all day and sending info to Resolver, I came across a post where somebody else had fallen victim to an incorrect ticket and posted your email, as you had assisted him.

We desperately need our ticket corrected or assurance it will be as cannot afford to pay for this error [I will call it an error although everywhere online fraud is mentioned]

We have not seen our family for 3 years and have saved up for this trip for months as my mother IN UK is very ill too.

Obviously if I could afford it we would have gone through a travel agent and not hunted for a cheaper option.

I feel sick to my stomach and really have no-where to turn - we were to spend 3 weeks with my ill mother before the wedding on th 3rd July, as she cannot attend.

Please I implore you to do the right thing and have BudgetAir change our paid ticket to the correct return date.

Many Thanks and look forward to your URGENT reply.

Tracey Collis and Claire Letoret

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Familiebedrijven Award 2019 winnaar Lely​ is genomineerd voor de European Inventor Award 2019!

Alexander van der Lely (CEO) en en Karel van den Berg (Director Innovations) zijn namens Het Europees Octrooibureau (EOB) genomineerd voor de European Inventor Award 2019.

Lely is genomineerd in de categorie ‘Industrie’ voor de volledig geautomatiseerde melkrobot, Astronaut, die voor zowel de koe als de veehouder veel voordelen biedt.

Op donderdag 20 juni worden de winnaars van de jaarlijkse uitvindersprijzen van het EOB bekendgemaakt tijdens een feestelijke ceremonie in Wenen.

Wij hebben al gestemd. Help jij Lely ook mee naar de winst?

Stemmen kan hier:

Bekijk op onze Instagram wat de EOB​ voorzitter zegt over Lely.

#FBA2019 #familiebedrijvenaward #lely #europeaninventoraward

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Familiebedrijf Terberg Group, winnaar Familiebedrijven Award 2017, ontvangt predicaat koninklijk.

Het familiebedrijf uit Benschop bestaat 150 jaar en mag zich nu een ‘koninklijk’ familiebedrijf noemen. De onderscheiding werd uitgereikt aan George Terberg, Voorzitter van de Raad van Bestuur, door de commissaris van de Koning in de provincie Utrecht.

“Het is de kroon op het werk van 150 jaar ondernemerschap, visie en doorzettingsvermogen van onze familie en alle werknemers” zei de heer George Terberg. “Het predicaat koninklijk straalt kwaliteit en vertrouwen uit.”

We zijn trots en feliciteren alle medewerkers van dit mooie familiebedrijf!

#Familiebedrijvenaward #terberggroup #predicaatkoninklijk

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